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Promoting Education, Good Laboratory Practices and Research in Pathology

This is the College Slogan. It describes in a nutshell the aims and mission of the college. It covers college role during all phases of a pathologist’s professional life, from acquiring education to practicing specialty in an exemplary manner and not to forget that research is indispensable for improvement and keeping up with progress.

College of Pathologists, Pakistan


The principal aim of the College is to advance medical knowledge for the benefit of the sick through development of the subject of Pathology. To further this aim, the College may undertake any or all of the following activities.


  • To promote education in pathology by providing guidance about the content, quality and standards in education for pathologists and ancillary personnel.
  • To undertake, compile and disseminate teaching material in Pathology.
  • To conduct seminars, courses and instructions.
  • To set and enforce standards.
  • To lay down criteria and conduct assessment of candidates for admission to Membership/Fellowship of the College.

Practice of Pathology

The College may set and enforce standards and guidelines for practice of Pathology and laboratories.


The College may authorize, conduct and disseminate research in Pathology.


The 41st Annual Conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists and 6th Joint International Conference of Societies of Pathology will take place from 9th of November to 10th of November 2018 at Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi / Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi. This paramount conference offers a unique opportunity for clinicians and other healthcare professionals to meet experts from various parts of the country.

Contact Info

College of Pathologists Pakistan Islamabad Medical & Dental College, Main Murree Road, Bara Kahu, Islamabad

Phone: +92111464632

Fax: +92518433145

Web: www.coppk.com